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Flourishing under lockdown

In view of the continuing uncertainties around Covid-19 Lockdown remains a real issue for many. The challenge is to come out of lock down better than we went it. So how can we do this? Developing new routines is key particularly for those that are now having to work from home for long periods.

This needs a bit of thought to ensure a balance is struck between work and exercise or just getting out into the fresh air. Meditation can also be helpful in creating a sense of balance and centeredness amongst the ongoing uncertainties and change in routines.

Maintaining human connections is also key at this time, and important for our mental well being. Clearly this can be challenging but it is important to find ways to keep in contact with family and friends whether on line or meeting people out doors, within the current rules.

Lockdown is also a useful opportunity for personal growth, to learn a new skill for example an online language course. This time can also be used to evaluate where you are in life, your future vision and life goals. Coaching can really help in this respect and I have worked with a number of clients in this area. The key is not to see this season as life on hold, but rather as an opportunity to reevaluate your life and and where you are heading.

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